snow on Formby dunes

It doesn't often snow in Formby but December 2010 provided a week of snow that gave the dunes a new kind of beauty.

"Gunfight" on Formby beach

Formby beach. This stretch of coast is a perfect location for filming, whether it's a feature or merely a home movie.

Formby sand dunes and beach

This photo is taken overlooking the foundations of the old lifeboat house - the UK's first lifeboat station.

Red squirrel in Formby pine woods

Formby is famous for its red squirrels Unfortunately, in 2008, their numbers were severely reduced by a disease called "squirrelpox".

Formby War Memorial

At the centre of Formby is the war memorial, which of course at this time of year is bedecked with wreaths.

Chapel Lane, Formby

The main shopping area is quaintly known as "The Village". Perhaps we should expect a visit from Patrick Mcgoohan?

Formby swimming pool and leisure centre

It took a long time coming, but in 2007 Formby finally got its new swimming pool and leisure centre.

Victoria Road

Just look at the state of this road on "millionaires row". No wonder the wealthy need their 4x4s!

St Peter's church, Freshfield

St Peter's church, Freshfield.

Formby Cricket Club

Formby Cricket, Hockey, and Squash Club, Freshfield - founded 1865.

Victoria Hall, Freshfield

Victoria Hall, Freshfield. Home of the Formby School of Dancing and Performing Arts.

Dobson's Ride

There's a great 6.5 mile circular cycle route around RAF Woodvale, starting adjacent to Formby Golf Club

Train approaching Formby station

Formby is blessed with two railway stations. It's such a convenient way to get into both Liverpool and Southport.

The Railway Inn

Adjacent to Formby station is the Railway Inn, with a short stretch of cobbled street in front of it.

Shorrocks Hill Country Club

Shorrocks Hill Country Club - where, in 2007, Alex won the town's junior public speaking competition.

Saint Luke's Church Road

Saint Luke's Church Road, looking in the direction of Alex's school.